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My first experiment with barefoot running

Posted by correctmyenglish on May 25, 2010


Yesterday I tried took my new vibram five finger to some jogging for an hour. To be honest, it feels a bit different than when you are in running shoes. I noticed that you almost never land on your heels first. It felt more of an adventure, than a usual jogging. While I jog, usually it is more of a monotonous activity, when you find your pace and cruise along the road. However, with this almost barefoot activity, I never had a stable pace and depending on the terrain underneath me, I had to maneuver a lot. The reason is, as I noted, you try to find the most comfortable landing and the this is controlled by your desire to avoid pain in your feet. Overall, it was more fun and I liked it a lot. But I think I overdid it, because I got carried away with the fun staff. My run was in the morning and during the course of the day my legs started slowly aching and by the end of yesterday and today in the morning I could barely sit or walk without slowing down out of pain. It is more of a feeling when you have not been working out some time and you do a good workout and the next day your body is sour all over. It usually takes several days to recover. Then I went to some barefoot running sites and checked for advices for beginners. They usually recommend starting slow, sometimes with 5 minutes run and some times with walks. I realize this is because we have not been training the muscle in our legs and feet this way before. So, if you are wise, take the advice of starting slow, otherwise, have fun with experimenting just like me. As to the vibram five finger, they feel good to me. They look funny for sure – it is like your bare feet have been dipped into the paint. Over the run I played guessing whether any bypasser shall look down and notice them. And whenever someone noticed them, they had a strange look in their faces – more of a misunderstanding. So, I enjoyed my ride and looking forward for the next one.


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To the beginning runner: on running gear – runninng shoes

Posted by correctmyenglish on May 17, 2010

If you are just starting to run and already made some search in the internet regarding running gear, please don’t be too much concerned with lots of terms, such as overpronation, supination, support shoes, etc. After changing several running shoes and still getting injured and after reading a bit about barefoot running, I came to understand that all of the technical running shoe categories were created / sponsored by the largest sports gear producers without any actual need for such gear. It was more of a commercial move to create a whole new categories of sports industry. I strongly believe, for the beginners at least, that well-cushioned support shoes may actually cause severe injury over time. This is because of altering beginning runners natural foot strikes to heel striking due to softning of a strike in over-cusioned shoes. So if you are considering to take up running, please start with at least neutral cusioned shoes. Otherwise, you may end up with an injury. If you really want to get one of the heavily overpriced support shoes, do it at least after one year of regular running, by this time you should hopefully be in good form and your natural running dynamics become your habit. Inspired by “Born to run” of Christopher McDougall.

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On starting jogging / running

Posted by correctmyenglish on May 14, 2010

I always wanted to jog and never was good at it. At hight school I was really bad in going some distance and throught my adulthood I always envied people who could run some miles without much effort. Nevertheless, last year in March I decided to start running – to really master this misterious skill or at least die trying it. Fortunately, it worked and since that time I have been running on and off, depending on my injuries. At the beginning, running for 5 minutes was a real effort for me, so I went to and picked up some articles about how to start running. I started with half an hour of 5 minutes running and 5 minutes walk and eventually increased running and decreased walking. In this strategy your aim is to learn running 30 minutes without stopping. Within few weeks, before completing this program, after doing my routine of three 7 minutes of running – 3 minutes of walking I decided to jog a bit and discovered that I could already run more than a 30 minutes without stopping. This was it – I became a jogger. So, for those of you who never tried running and want to, give it a try by gradually increasing runing and decreasing walking – you shall be amazed at yourself and eventually become a runner.

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Correct my English – first essay – on work

Posted by correctmyenglish on May 14, 2010

Well, here it comes – my first essay. Please feel free to advise on English, style, structure and anything you think need a correction here. Thanks in advance.

 On work

For me the spring came suddenly and gave its way to summer so quickly that I was not able to even appreciate its beauty. For all of us out there – professionals who spend 8 to 10 hours at work everyday except weekends, this is a usual thing. We can only appreciate the nature while commuting from home to work or on rare weekends when we really go out to nature. I usually make so many plans for coming weekend that I end up remembering a few and accomplishing almost none. Weekends come and go and you are left with another week of workdays. So, we spend most our time in the office, where we come into touch with the nature only in our conversations or looking at wallpapers on our desktops or on internet and, if we are lucky, looking through our windows. Is this all we get from our life? Is this all the meaning we can make out of our lives? Some 40 more years at the office desk and our life shall be approaching its last decade or so. In fact, NO. There is more meaning to our life. The routine of work and home has more meaning – we make a living for our near-ones – parents, spouses, kids, etc. This actually has a greater meaning, because if we do not spend those minimum 40 hours at work every week, we may end up doing nothing, feeling miserable and useless, hurting our near-ones and eventually hurting ourselves. Everyone needs some sort of engagement and if this occupation creates some wealth in form of money, comfort, security and satisfaction – this is enough to consider your life full of meaning. I read a lot that your job should be the one you really enjoy or the one you really have a talent for. My answer to these statements is – NO. You never truly know what is your talent is and what you may really enjoy. I think everyone is talented enough to excel in any profession and truly enjoy doing it, if he or she has correct attitude. And the real challenge of life is to find or rather develop that attitude. My attitude is this – I am working somewhere, then I am meant to work there. Of course, this attitude can be applied to anything or any job. But for me this makes enough sense for my current job, especially when I am on vacation or not at work for several days – I really miss it.

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Writing – please correct my English

Posted by correctmyenglish on May 4, 2010

I have a confession to make: I have a great passion for writing, but I never dared to take it to public. This is because I am not a native English speaker and I am a bit shy to sound stupid in English. But today I had a great idea, which made me to start this blog. I decided to write one story or essay or however you name it and present it to public judgement each week. This way I hope people who are native to English or have excelled in mastering English as second language can comment on my stories and correct my English. This leads to hopefully me learing and excelling with with every other story I post and helps other non-English speakers, who are keen to learn English, actually learn it by reading my stories and comments by my public teachers. I think this is a great opportunity to learn and to teach. What do you think? My first story/writing shall follow in couple of days. So, stay tuned and please correctmyenglish!

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